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  • Shouldn't training in Spiritual Healing & Energy Medicine be done in person?
    We have been training in person since 2007 to live classrooms with students. The times that we are in call for adaptation, and since we will be learning to heal at a distance, and you will be working with clients who are over the phone, or online, learning in this format is part of the new way. When possible we will resume live trainings. This format also allows for people to participate from anywhere in the world and reduce travel costs.
  • Why should I train at The 8th Fire?
    When the student is ready, the teacher appears. We believe that you should train with whoever you feel called to train with. The testimonials from our previous students all say that this is so much more than a training program. We hope you join us!
  • Do you offer a Certification?
    Upon successful completion of the program and all modules, you will receive a Certiificate of Completion in Spiritual Healing & Energy Medicine.
  • What claims do you make?
    We do not make any medical claims. The nature of our work is Spiritual, and we believe an important part of a Holistic LIfe, and the Human Experience. Everything we do is Spiritual, but we explore that in a much more involved way.
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