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The 8th Fire

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About Us

This is the dedicated website for online trainings offered by The 8th Fire. All information and courses are contained within this site for students.

Our Courses
Pete's Medicine Wheel 3D RENER UpdatedHD

Earning The Light 2-Year Training Program

A 2-Year Training Program based on self-discovery and self-healing with training in Spiritual Healing & Energy Medicine.

The Way of the Medicine Keeper

A continuation of the Journey you began with Earning The Light, which is a pre-requisite for this program, years 3-5.


Angel Fire Program

A 2-Year Program that is a Hybrid between Angel Healing & Medicine Work. It represents a bridge between two Ways of Life that came together, and represents a New Consciousness.

“To say that this was just a program would be an understatement. This literally changed my life, got me unstuck, made me look at myself, see myself, heal the parts of myself I didn't want to see, heal my past, and create my future. It is priceless, and I cannot recommend it enough.”


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